Ergonomic Height-Adjustable Office Desks

Ergoville's ergonomic height-adjustable office desks are equipped with advanced functionalities to deliver flexibility, maximize comfort and increase productivity and maintain the good physical health of working professionals in any office environment.

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Electric Height Lift Sit and Stand Desk with 48 W x 30 D BlackFrame/Walnut Top
  • SKU: EV11269
  • Reg. Price $2,012
  • Sale Price $1,730
Electric Height Lift Sit and Stand Desk with 60 W x 30 D BlackFrame/Black Top
  • SKU: EV11270
  • Reg. Price $2,116
  • Sale Price $1,819
Electric Height Lift Sit and Stand Desk with 72 W x 30 D White Frame/Pine Top
  • SKU: EV11271
  • Reg. Price $2,162
  • Sale Price $1,861
Electric Height Lift Sit and Stand Desk with 84" W x 30" D White Frame/White Top
  • SKU: EV11272
  • Reg. Price $2,208
  • Sale Price $1,920



The benefits of Ergoville's high-performance ergonomic standing desks

Maintains Good Health

Helps users physically, cognitively, and organizationally. It will significantly reduce the risk of deaths from heart attacks; it will eliminate repetitive strain injuries(RSIs), muscle pains, body discomforts, eye strains, and fatigue, thus increasing work and promote productive and healthier workers.

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Ease of Use

Easy to operate without the need for hours of user training. It is easy to configure quickly to accommodate individual user preferences. This makes more time for productive work and less margin of error.

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Comfortable Ergonomic Design

Easily configured to adapt to individual user requirements and preferences to keep them comfortable and energetic all the time during work.

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Durable Laminated Desk Surfaces

Laminated desk surfaces, smooth edges, and corners remove the risk of injuries; it also keeps the desk furniture look clean and new for a longer time which contributes to the user's motivation. These standing desks are equipped with laminated desktop surfaces and smooth padded desk corners and edges.

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Access to Data Ports and Power

The ease of access to data ports greatly contributes to the increase in productivity and efficiency of users. Users must not be wasting time finding the data ports or possibly worse, no data ports and power outlets to access.

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Versatile Desk Furniture Equipment

Advanced features that can also help in delivering reliable performance to other fields of work and applications. It can also be used by professionals in the fields of security, government, dispatch, call center, IT, etc.

Maximize Work Productivity with Ergoville's Advanced Ergonomic Standing Desks.

Get the Right Choice of Ergonomic Standing Desks

Getting the Ergoville's ergonomic standing desks will increase the value and profitability of your business as it helps with maximizing professional work productivity, enhancing the quality of your business services, and gives you peace of mind by eliminating your costs of risk.