Stand Floor Mounted Industrial Computer Stand

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Floor Mounted Computer Stand

This floor mounted industrial computer stand is a versatile furniture for your working needs. It has a sturdy metal track frame, monitor arm, 60-inch track, z-arm keyboard tray, and emergency stop switch.

This floor mounted industrial computer stand requires minimal floor space. It is a piece of fundamental equipment in industrial production lines. It features a sturdy fixed floor-mounted base and H-track frame making it a very reliable computer workstation.

Best Comfortable Ergonomic Design: Designed for comfort to reduces stress and maintain posture during work.
Firm Mounting Solution:our furniture can hold itself firmly to walls, floors, or ceilings and can handle the additional weight of your equipment.
Easy-to-Use: Easy to operate without the need for hours of user training. Very easy to configure to accommodate individual user preferences.
Correct Placement of Computer CPU: The computer CPU is safely out of harm’s way which allows users to move freely.
Built-to-Specifications: Can be specified to accommodate the unique needs and working environment of individual users before manufacturing.
Guaranteed with Product Warranty: Covered with manufacturer’s product warranty that gives assurance to buyers in case the product doesn’t meet expectations.
Trustworthy Manufacturing Team: Our designers, engineers, and fabricators use their skills and talents to bring you the highest quality product you deserve.
Assistance in Workspace Planning: We provide assistance in planning in installation or renovation of your work facilities.
Help with Installation: We provide thorough assistance in deploying your furniture for service.

AFC manufactures top-quality furniture equipment that exceeds the standard expectations of practicality, functionality, and ergonomics. Our products are guaranteed with a full product warranty. We build products that give our customers peace of mind ensuring they get the highest return on their investment.

Contact us for a free consultation with our helpful and friendly ergonomic technical furniture specialist.

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Stand Floor Mounted Industrial Computer Stand


Introducing the Stand Floor Mounted Industrial Computer Stand, a cutting-edge solution designed by Ergoville to meet the demands of modern work environments. With its innovative features and robust construction, this stand provides a stable and ergonomic platform for your computer equipment, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

Standing at a height of 60 inches, the floor-mounted track offers ample space to accommodate your computer setup. The track serves as the backbone of the stand, providing a secure mounting point for various components, including the monitor arm, keyboard arm, and emergency stop button.

Equipped with the Monitor Arm #AFCZ5-00, this stand allows for easy positioning of your monitor to achieve the optimal viewing angle. The Z-series keyboard arm, paired with a keyboard tray and sliding mouse tray (#AFCZ588-01), offers ergonomic support for typing and navigating, enhancing comfort and productivity during extended use.

One of the standout features of this stand is the integrated emergency stop button, designed to provide quick and easy access in case of emergencies. Strategically located for convenience, this button allows users to immediately halt all operations and safely shut down the computer system in critical situations.

In addition to its functional components, the Floor Mounted Computer Stand comes with a practical utility shelf, measuring 7.5 inches in width and depth. This shelf offers valuable storage space for essential items such as pens, notebooks, smartphones, or other accessories, keeping them within arm’s reach for added convenience.

The stand is anchored by a floor-mount base, providing stability and support to ensure wobble-free operation, even during heavy use. The base is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, offering a secure foundation for the entire stand and minimizing the risk of tipping or displacement.

Built with quality materials and precision engineering, the Floor Mounted Computer Stand is built to last, offering reliable performance for years to come. Each component is carefully crafted and rigorously tested to meet the highest standards of durability, ensuring that your investment delivers long-term value.

At Ergoville, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that prioritize functionality, ergonomics, and user safety. With our Floor Mounted Computer Stand, you can create a comfortable and efficient workspace that promotes productivity and enhances overall well-being.

Experience the difference that our Floor Mounted Computer Stand can make in your workplace. Contact us today to learn more about this versatile solution and how it can elevate your computer setup to new heights of performance and convenience.



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